Fundraising events

If you are planning an event to raise money in Dylan’s memory then we would love to hear from you. Please get in touch at

For those fundraising, or delivering projects backed by the Legacy Fund, then please adhere to our communications protocol, thank you.

If you would like to use a photo of Dylan in your fundraising then please feel free to use one of those at the bottom of this page. More information about Dylan can be found here.

Forthcoming events

Further events are planned for 2024 – watch this space.

Recent fundraising

The fund relies on the many creative endeavours of those who support us with fundraising activities. In the last year we are particularly grateful to:

  • Ben Blake, a friend of Dylan’s from their summer sports camps, who cycled the gruelling 150km Paris Roubaix in April 2024, raising over £1,300 for the legacy fund.
  • Lucy Rich, Dylan’s sister, who ran her first ever marathon in Manchester in April 2024, raising over £4,500.
  • Supporters of the charity from far and wide who bought raffle tickets and supported our 3rd annual birthday tournament in January 2024. This year we were grateful to Nottingham Trent University for hosting us at short notice and welcomed almost 60 of Dylan’s friends to play. With our cake sale and raffle, the event raised around £2,400.

Fundraising in 2023

Fundraising continued during 2023 as we became a formal charity. The trustees were very grateful for all our supporters, including:

  • Craig Jones, one our trustees, who was sponsored for his Turkey Trot (half marathon) run in December 2023, raising over £500.
  • Katie Conley, a local family friend from Dylan’s church who kindly donated profits from her book launch in May 202 to the fund. Her book, God’s Grace For Your Career, is available on Amazon.
  • The 1st / 2nd West Bridgford Scouts who raised £80 for the Legacy Fund through holding a special dog obedience evening in April 2023.
  • Sylvia James and Mia Graham (Dylan’s cousin), both of whom asked their friends and families to donate to the charity in place of birthday presents.
  • Everyone who supported the annual Dylan birthday tournament which was held at Gresham again on Sunday 8th January. Despite a hailstorm, we welcomed over 50 players who took part in the football. With the raffle, cake sale and generous support from Rocket Hot Dogs, the event raised around £2,300.

Fundraising in 2021-22

Our huge thanks to those who have supported the legacy fund with fundraising events. During 2021-22 these included:

  • Craig Jones who ran the Turkey Trot on 12th December 2021 to raise money for Dylan’s legacy. Craig has raised over £1,000 so far and his giving page is still open for donations.
  • Ashley Waterfall generously created a hamper which was raffled off amongst friends at Notts County Ladies FC (where Dylan’s sister plays), raising nearly £200.
  • Anita Jones has kindly provided free sessions at Boost Your Body Gym and thanks to those participating and the donations of other gym members, over £500 has been raised.
  • The friends and neighbours of some of Dylan’s family living near Newbury hosted a ‘Harwood Rise Christmas Lights Extravaganza’ event on 12th December 2021. As featured on Newbury Today, the event has so far raised over £700.
  • The young people of St Giles’ (Dylan’s church) who went on a 10 mile sponsored walk on 23rd January, raising almost £5,000 for the fund – incredible! The fundraising page for the walk is here.
  • A football tournament with a number of Dylan’s friends and teammates was held to mark Dylan’s 18th birthday. Dylan would have been 18 on 17th January 2022 and the tournament took place on Sunday 6th February at Gresham, West Bridgford. Over 60 players took part and a rainbow appeared just before kick off, offering us all hope for the future. Through player fees, a wonderful cake sale and some amazing raffle prizes, over £4,700 was raised for the legacy fund.
  • A family friend, Michael Watts, ran the Manchester Marathon on 3rd April, raising over £1,500 for the fund as he completed his first ever marathon.
  • Dylan’s cousin, Mia, decided that instead of presents for her 7th birthday in June she would like people to give money to the fund, raising £150.
  • Recent coffee mornings and cake sales organised by Dylan’s auntie and his girlfriend’s family have raised over £800 in total.
  • One of Dylan’s teachers, Dr Hume, ran the London Marathon in October to raise money for the legacy fund, raising over £3,300.
  • Adrienne Grove, a family friend, cycled over 300 miles, completing the #iron2Iron challenge with her colleague Jo Powell between 17th and 24th September. Over £1,000 has already been raised and their giving page is here.
  • Sally Proudlove ran the Nottingham half marathon in September, raising over £1,200 for Dylan’s fund.
  • Dylan’s godparents, Chris and Carole Fry, organised a fundraising tennis event on Saturday 17th September. The 7 hour endurance event saw Team Fry complete 10,000 shots in total and special guest Tim Henman joined the event during the afternoon. Over £2,500 was raised from the event.

Photos of Dylan